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Spy Hop Core Classes
Postcard Design

Spy Hop offeres a range of classes from filmmaking, design, music production and apprenticeship programs.


I was tasked with creating a series that were consistent in color, typography and layout but also had unique differences for each class.

Inspired by retro
Penguin book covers

Quick Screen Share of my process

Tools: Photoshop & 


strip 2.jpg

Collection of
other core class postcards and typography

One of the best parts of working for a brand that has visual flexibility gave me the opportunity to explore different designs, typography and color palletes while still trying to keep that youthful look.

Below you will find a collection of some of those explorations that became postcard sets and identity for events

and merchandise.

Annual Report Design & Layout

Over the years as an in-house designer for Spy Hop I created a lot of annual reports.
The annual report from 2017 was my favorite. We developed a geometric look during this annual report which I feel represented Spy Hops abstract but structured curriculum and classes.


ann report cover.jpg
Spy Hop Annual Report 2 (1).jpg
Spy Hop Annual Report 4 (1).jpg

Hi! I am a designer, animator

& teacher from Salt Lake City!

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