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Utah Aids Foundation Gala Invite

I was super excited when Utah Aids Foundation contacted me to help them create an invite for their yearly gala. 

The theme for the event was art deco. So of course I went all out in that style.


I started by researching the art deco style and found so many fun geometric pattern ideas. I sketched out some concepts on paper and then I got busy in Illustrator creating various geometric shapes to frame the invite.


There was a locomotive aspect to the creative brief so I illustrated an old steam locomotive and had that as the central object in the invite.


Finally I wanted some colors to capture that era and we landed on a gold color with a dark blue background. 

Preservation Utah: Donut Dash

I had the chance to work with Preservation Utah

over the years on various design projects. 

My favorite project was the Donut Dash 5K run that took place at

Heritage Park in Salt Lake City.

The race had tables set up with donuts on them, where runners

would run and eat donuts along the way! So much fun.

So I sketched some initial logo concepts and came up with a running

donut of course! I had the donut jumping over a city to represent

the urban environment for this race. 

Since Preservation Utah enjoys a more retro feel and look, I went with

a classic 2-color palette with yellow represnting the time of the year ( summer! ).

TEDx Salt Lake City

In 2017 I had the crazy opportunity to do a TEDx Salt Lake City talk. The talk was about the relationship between art and science.

A couple years ago I decided to join back up with the local TEDx team and I am now their graphic designer. 

Below are a mix of the last couple of years of branding for the event. 


Before becoming a graphic designer, I was an audio engineer. I was doing sound at a club right next door to a new sandwich place at the time called Toasters.

They have the best sandwiches! I went in there so much I became friends with the owners. I was studying graphic design at Salt Lake Community College at the time and when I told them they asked me to create their menus. 

They liked more of a "real" feel to their menus and one way we created that look was to give the menu lots of fun textures. I created brushes in Photoshop from random images and then drew the food elements in Illustrator.

Makes me hungry every time I see these!

Hi! I am a designer, animator

& teacher from Salt Lake City!

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