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Google Overview

Concept, storyboard, 2D illustration, and animation for a project

with Google and Publicis Sapient.  

Every so often as a designer you get the chance to pitch a concept and style to your colleagues and client

and it makes it all the way to project completion. This was one of those projects for me.

One thing I love about creating animations is taking either a script or story and turning those words into meaningful visuals and animations that guide the audience through those words. I believe the power of animation is helping people relate through style and understand through the natural unfolding of information on a timeline ( animation ).

In this project, we needed to tell the story of how Google and Publicis Sapient combine their services to create a unique product. The goal was to find a way to make a video about data and digital infrastructure, fun and engaging. It needed to show how the product could weave together a diverse set of customer needs. We used a paper plane to represent the transformational need that the product fills. We used the environment to represent the infrastructure ( Google ).

This was the throughline for the animation that tied everything together. I then created a diverse set of characters that represented the customer. The color scheme ended up being a combination of Googles brand colors and Publicis Sapient brand colors, which thankfully were very close already.

2D Style Frames and Animation.
Folding a paper airplane.
2D Illustration of Characters for an animation.
2D Charts for an animation.
2D buildings with hills.
2D building illustrations.

Hi! I am a designer, animator

& teacher from Salt Lake City!

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